Getting started with Instabridge

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 05:08 AM

Instabridge can only work if your phone has eSIM support and is not carrier locked. Please make sure your phone meets these requirements before proceeding.

  1. Install the Instabridge app and log in.
    - Instabridge for iOS
    - Instabridge eSIM for Android

  2. Purchase a data plan.
    - iOS/Android: Store screen
    - A coupon code will be provided. Please redeem in the app (Menu/More > Redeem eSIM Coupon Code).

  3. Accept the prompt to install an eSIM. Please make sure you have an internet connection while the eSIM is activating. You can also check and manually install your eSIMs:
    - iOS: Menu > My eSIMs
    - Android: More > Profile > Owned eSIMs

  4. Enable the Instabridge eSIM in your phone's Settings screen. Please make sure that Data Roaming is on and WiFi is off.